Getting there

So, I started on my Christmaspresents early this year. In june, actually.

What? I must have been mad. But it pays off, I am almost done, although I have spent most of my time the last six months not knitting. I am giving my friends knitted stuff this year, hopefully they will appreciate it. It takes time to knit stuff. Alot of people doesn’t get that.

I got my invitation to join Ravelry in october. (Find me here) I must admit it is hard to log off. I love the fact that you can find new patterns, yarns and alot of other stuff. I also love that you can post what you are working on, and show how your projects progress. But Ravelry lacks a place to babble about your projects. So, that is the purpose of this blog.

Right now I am in the middle of something bright pink, can’t say exactly what it is, since my friend Charlotte is getting it under her Christmastree this year. She wanted bright pink, she is getting it!


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