New year, new knitting!

So, after months of procrastinating I put up a page of patterns in norwegian! If you are not fluent in Norwegian, you aren’t missing out yet, the only pattern right now is for basic fingerless mittens. But one day, you might wish you learned norwegian, or that I had translated my patterns. 🙂

I cleaned up my yarn stash yesterday too. Wow, I am a new and improved person this year. I put the projects that will be finished soon in the livingroom, and all unused yarn in clear plastic bags underneath the bed. I am very proud. It turns out I have enough yarn to keep me occupied for a couple of months, which is good. This month started good, if you ask me.

DW dishcloth I finished a dishcloth two days ago, I knitted two of these, and croched them together. I am in the middle of a new dishcloth now, a Baby Chubby Checkers. Dishcloths are called “grytekluter” in Norwegian, and I got a feeling this year will be a gryteklut-bonanza.


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