Back from Rome

I need to go more on holiday!

The Pantheon in RomeI had such a great time, wandering around Rome, looking at all the old buildings. I finally got to see Colosseum, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and last but not least the Vatican. I even saw the cardinal of Rome at St. Peters Square, where he held a mass before he blessed some animals for a ST. something-day. Very cool.

I didn’t find any yarn stores in Rome, but I did find a small sewingshop, where I bought some fabric. But my best souvenir was the fridgemagnet I bought with a pichure of the old pope.

I did get back almost a week ago, but this week has just flown by without much time for blogging. I have been super-social, done alot of housewife-work, and been sewing up a storm. The box-bags I mentioned are going good, I have finished about five of them, in different fabrics and sizes. Last night I started on a roll-up needlecase for my knittingneedles.

This weekend will be spent in front of our new tv, a beautiful 40-inch flat. I am finally going to watch the Godfather box-set I got for Christmas! I haven’t seen the films in years.


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