Felted mitten – asking for trouble

I have mentioned this before: I was asked to make a pair of felted mittens. I thought it would be relatively easy, and went to work with alot of enthusiasm. But I had a hard time figuring out how many stitches I should cast on. So I went with 50, which is a great number. I knitted and knitted, and felted the single mitten because I was convinced that it would be too big. It was. It was HUGE! I could fit both of my hands in there, and maybe even a third hand.

So, now I have learned from my mistakes, and went for another try, this time with 34 stitches. I am crossing fingers that it will be a better fit. I am going to post pichures of the huge mitten and the other one as soon as I have felted both. 🙂


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