Thank you swap-partner!

I got the best package in my mailbox today, I am beaming with happiness.


The package had a purple theme, complete with little ribbons and ladybugs. But i was blown away when I uwrapped it, and spotted a supersoft purple yarn.

I have never seen such beautiful yarn in real life. (Although I get my fix from surfing yarnwebsites looking for skeins) It is called Lucca, and it is now officially my new favorite yarn. I have no idea what I should make of it yet, and I know I need many days maybe weeks of pondering the subject.

Also in the package was two (!) danish chocolates (I have tasted Anton Berg before, as norwegians are chocolatelovers, and I can’t wait to dig into this one) and something I have been wanting to try for a long time: teaflowers! I am supersurprised and very thankful towards my swap-partner from Denmark 🙂
She saved my day actually. I have had one of those days where you are incredibly tired and feel lonely and sad. I just wanted to curl up underneath a blanket and zone out today. But since I got my package, it turned my frown upside down.
See those litte ladybugs? They somehow bring me hope of spring. Which isn’t likely here, since my appartment is surrounded with ice, and it has been raining all day, but hope is always good. The ladybugs are clipped on the teaflowers.

Yummy yarn Ok, just one more pichure of the yarn. It deserves a pichure all by itself. I have a feeling there is chocolate inside the little ladybug too…..


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