I swear I have been creative

Three Jaywalkers and a dog! Life grabbed me and I couldn’t find the time to blog. It happens from time to time. But as the title of this posts states: I have been creative while I was MIA. I have knitted three Jaywalker socks, one pair in red-ish Fabel, and one sock in green guacamole color. See how proud my dog is? He saw me taking my camera out today and decided he wanted in on the action.

I love the Jaywalkerpattern. It’s really not that hard to do, and the pattern itself looks really good. They also stay up well, they won’t roll down like other socks might do. I still have half of one green sock left, and two skeins of pink Fabel yarn to make another pair. (They might end up as Christmasgifts, but I am keeping the green ones!) See closeup of my Jaywalkers here.

In other knittingnews, I finally decided what to do with my gourgeous skein of purple Lucca from my swappartner. It is slowly turning into an Argosy scarf. Argosy scarf with dog

I love this pattern as well. It is my first lacypattern, and although I am following the written instructions and not the chart, I feel kind of good doing it. I had to learn yarnovers for this project, which wasn’t brainsurgery, I have just never need to learn them before now. I have made a small error, there is a line of stiches that should have been purled, and I knitted them instead. I really don’t mind, and I am not going to frog it just because I have already made a small mistake. I realise I can’t watch tv while knitting this pattern though, which is strange to me. I have always been able to do two or more things at once, and now I am failing. It is not a big loss, just strange.

I have found another thing to be obsessed about too: Knitting podcasts! Check out this Knitty.com feature on the subject. I have been downloading all day. So far, I have listened to a couple of podcasts from SSK podcast, Pointy Sticks and Pixie Purls. It is great stuff. I have been listening to my ipod while walking my dog for years now, and since I found podcasts in general, I have been listening to everything the podcastworld has to offer: Cnn podcasts, some tvshows from Norwegian TV channels, even a couple of podcasts to learn more french. The possibilities are endless.

Quilting fabricMy quilting project is coming along: I got the pattern and the fabric on friday, and I have washed the fabric as well as ironed all 16 fatquarters. I got both at Kathrines Quilte Stue, and I am very happy with the colorcombinations. I am a bit nervous to start the cuttingprocess, but I might get around to it tomorrow. Luckily I have all easter to start. I have spent most of my weekend browsing quiltingblogs to get tips, and I have almost mustered up the curage to start. Wish me luck!


  1. Se her ja, fine sokker! Synes liksom det er noe kjent ved de grønne… ;o)
    Søt vovs også. Ha en flott påske!

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