Podcast review : Lime and Violet

I found Lime and Violets podcast completely by accident, I searched for kntting podcasts in Itunes and they were one of the results. Right away I became hooked, and luckily there were over 60 episodes to listen to untill I was caught up.

What makes Lime and Violet spescial in my opinion? The fact that they talk about knitting, but that doesn’t stop them from getting off the point and talking about everything BUT knitting. I like this, I want to know about sideshow husbands gigs (I don’t get swordswallowing), about the trips to the winery, the emergency room and the fiber fests, the “Give geese a chance” rally and the stalking of Brenda Dayne. If you are looking for a podcast that always stays on topic, this show isn’t for you.

A favorite segment of the podcast is yarnporn, where the girls talk about yarngoodness they have found on the internet. The episode where Violet finds the Wollmeise website and almost faints is a classic.

The episodes are a bit long, which suits me perfectly, as I have a long commute to work. My only problem is that the girls arn’t able to crank out a new episode each day.

Two big thumbs up from me!


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