On your mark! Get set……

Lime and Violet yarn in the Carinsbane colorway

I am almost ready for SOS (Summer of socks 2008) which starts on saturday. I got to huge orders in from The Loopy Ewe this week, and I have already rolled some of them into balls. I have yet to photograph my entire sockstash though, as so many of my fellow Sos’ers have. They have shown off their great skeins on Ravelry, and I must say I couldn’t stop looking at all the beautiful pichures.

The photo on the left is one of my sos “victims”. It is a Lime and Violet yarn and the Carinsbane colorway. Pretty huh?

I have had so much to do this week. It’s the last week of school, and tomorrow is my last day as a teacher’s aid. I have worked at this job for two years, and I must admit that quitting is hard. I have worked with the sweetest students of all time, and I can’t stop getting all teary-eyed and sad when I realise that after tomorrow I won’t see them every week like I have the last 700 days of my life. Today they gave me some drawings, a beautiful scarf that I started wearing right away, and this huge sunflower that brightens up my livingroom. I didn’t manage to stay cool anymore, I cried while I tried to say thank you. Tomorrow will be a pretty good day, although I expect to cry a bit more when they all go home. I am such a wimp.

After the student go home it’s time for my last workparty. I actually got a really nice bottle of white wine from the parents of one of my students today, and I am concidering drinking it at the party. My plan is to dance the night away, and celebrate that my next step in life will be to get a degree and hopefully teach children that need more help than others. I start at university this fall, and I couldn’t be more exited!


  1. Så utrolig mye lekkert garn du har bilde av! Blir ikke så lite fristet til å følge en link eller to… ;o)

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