RPM sock This is all I have completed for the SOS08. One sock in the RPM pattern. The yarn is Socks That Rock, Watermelon Tourmaline colorway, bought from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

Right after finishing my first sock, I cast on sock # 2 right away, and realised about two inches later that this sock was alot bigger than my first one. Gaugeproblem. So, I ripped, and I am now about three inches into the leg on sock # 2. The colors are really happy though, and the yarn is very dreamy. I have two more skeins of STR that will be used during SOS, and I can’t wait. I just want to be done with this pair though…

Goodiebag!I had a great mailday the other day, Kraft Foods desided to send me a little goodiebag. I had written them an email a couple of weeks earlier, complaining about a pack of potatochips that I bought. It was great for the first half of the bag, but suddenly, all of the chips started tasting funny. Annoyed as I was, I found their website, and spent five minutes telling them what was wrong. They sent me a lovely note, saying they were sorry, but this happened sometimes, and hopefully I would enjoy the package they would send me. I did. It was filled with a bag of “Sprø” chips, three chocolatebars (that I love, chocolate wll always be my number one snack!) and even a pack of jello and vanillasauce. Two of the chocolatebars are already gone, and I am guessing the bag of chips will be devoured during the weekend.

I am trying to get ready for my holiday. On monday we leave to visit family up in the vest. The busride there takes several hours, and I will hopefully get alot of knitting done. But I need to roll more skeins into balls, decide on patterns to bring, find the right needles…. ah man, I have so much to do. And right now, I actually have to go clean! Unfair. I’d rather be knitting.

Oh, and in a weak moment I joined Plurk. Crap, like I didn’t have enough on my plate as it is. Want to be my friend?


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