The comeback of the year?

I am not even going to apologize. I am not saying anything. Except that I am still knitting.

Noro socks knitted toe up

Noro socks knitted toe up

These are toe-up monkeysocks in Noro sockyarn. The color is S 188. I both like and dislike this yarn. It is spun uneven, and some of the colorrepeats are soooo long and boring. I like the Noro silk garden yarn better. I finished the first sock, and realised the foot of the sock is a bit too big. When you knit toe-up, that means I have to frog all the way down to before the heel, or just have a sock that is a bit too long. I don´t know what I am going to do yet. Frog or not to frog, that´s the question.

I am knitting other stuff as well, a Forest Canopy Shawl in Dream in Color Baby for a good friend, and a Clapotis in Mirasol Hacho. But I have no proof, no pichures yet. The Canopy Shawl is actually the first shawl I have ever knitted in a laceweight yarn. I am on repeat 13, and I still have a long way to go. I had to cast on a Clapotis before jan 31 to ba able to join a KAL on I have always wanted to knit this pattern, and I have no idea what took me this long. I have been wanting to try the Hacho yarn for a long time, it is dyed by women in Peru who get a procentage of the sales of this yarn.

That´s all for tonight, have a good weekend!

(The yarnlinks go to The loopy ewe, since I bought that yarn there. I love that shop, they are super!)


  1. Wow, you’re good at this 🙂 I can barely knit at all, amazing work 🙂 And I’m in love with the colour purple so I just did find myself looking and looking at this photo 🙂

    Thanks for the comment and I’m looking forward to follow you and your blog 🙂

  2. I think I remember B standing for “Be Faithful” when they ran a campaign like that in Uganda. Seems just a bit of a stretch but nothing better springs immediately to mind. Come on

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