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What happened?

My life, that’s what happened. I had so many projects to finish before I started university this fall, and now I’m already three, four weeks into my fallsemester. School takes up alot of time, they expect me to have read and also understand about 2600 pages. Ha! No wonder I can’t find the time to blog.

Nannersocks in Baresheep yarns

Nannersocks in Baresheep yarns

But I have a tiny reading break this morning, and not blogging since July 2nd started to annoy me. Summer of socks 2008 didn’t go that well, I managed to knit four pairs, and I have a fifth on the needles as we speak. I have five Christmaspresents done, and about five to go. At the end on SOS 08, I started knitting a hat and armwarmers just to do something else, and also sabotage my chances of winning. No need to say that I didn’t win anything? I finished one of the two skeins I got from Baresheepyarns. I used the Nannerpattern by Wendy Knits, and knit them toe-up, two at a time. I love the pattern, it is so easy and intuitive, and toe-up is alot of fun. I have Wendys blog in my Bloglines, I like to follow along with what she knits. The other day she finished Baby surprise jacket, and that pattern looks like alot of fun. I think I know what my friends will recieve when they start popping out babies.Ok, that’s enough, I have to get back to my studies πŸ™‚


Pair # 1!

RPM socks My first finished pair for the SOS 08! Isn’t my holidayview beautiful?

Can’t blog, must go out in the sun πŸ˜‰

… for my long awaited holiday, I have some stuff I need to blog.

Rememer my gaugeproblem with the second RPM sock? A few inches into the second sock, I noticed my gauge was way off, it was alot larger than my first one. I ripped, cast on again, same result. A huge, giant monstersock appeared. After alot of thinking I read the pattern again. Where it says to “cast on 27 st on each needle”, I had cast on 27 inches three times, as I had been working the last sock on three needles. The pattern is written for two circs. Duh! So on my third try I got it right. I now have the correct amount of stitches, and I am halfway through the heelflap.

We are leaving to go visit my boyfriends family up in the west of Norway tomorrow, and since the busride takes about 8 and a half hours I will be done with the second sock before we arrive.

Bare sheep yarn skein Isn’t this cute? It arrived in the mail not too long ago, from Bare Sheep Yarns. It arrived fast aswell, so I can recommend this store. It is fingering weight, and I am dreaming about what I can knit with this. Of course it will be socks, but which ones? I also got another skein from Bare Sheep Yarns, the Rainbow colorway. Alot of happy colors in that skein. The socks that I make from these two skeins are just for me I think *evil grin* Bare Sheep Yarns, fingering weight in the Rainbow colorway Hopefully I will be able to post pichures of the soon to be finished RPM’s, and other socks that will be created while on holiday. See you soon!

RPM sock This is all I have completed for the SOS08. One sock in the RPM pattern. The yarn is Socks That Rock, Watermelon Tourmaline colorway, bought from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

Right after finishing my first sock, I cast on sock # 2 right away, and realised about two inches later that this sock was alot bigger than my first one. Gaugeproblem. So, I ripped, and I am now about three inches into the leg on sock # 2. The colors are really happy though, and the yarn is very dreamy. I have two more skeins of STR that will be used during SOS, and I can’t wait. I just want to be done with this pair though…

Goodiebag!I had a great mailday the other day, Kraft Foods desided to send me a little goodiebag. I had written them an email a couple of weeks earlier, complaining about a pack of potatochips that I bought. It was great for the first half of the bag, but suddenly, all of the chips started tasting funny. Annoyed as I was, I found their website, and spent five minutes telling them what was wrong. They sent me a lovely note, saying they were sorry, but this happened sometimes, and hopefully I would enjoy the package they would send me. I did. It was filled with a bag of “SprΓΈ” chips, three chocolatebars (that I love, chocolate wll always be my number one snack!) and even a pack of jello and vanillasauce. Two of the chocolatebars are already gone, and I am guessing the bag of chips will be devoured during the weekend.

I am trying to get ready for my holiday. On monday we leave to visit family up in the vest. The busride there takes several hours, and I will hopefully get alot of knitting done. But I need to roll more skeins into balls, decide on patterns to bring, find the right needles…. ah man, I have so much to do. And right now, I actually have to go clean! Unfair. I’d rather be knitting.

Oh, and in a weak moment I joined Plurk. Crap, like I didn’t have enough on my plate as it is. Want to be my friend?

My Pomatomus socks… for a couple of weeks I think, but I still haven’t blogged them: My Pomatomus socks! Aren’t they pretty? And oh, so smooshy soft. The yarn is Lime and Violet Mermaid socks in a colorway I can’t remember the name of. I bought it from The Loopy Ewe, where else?

It knitted up quite nicely, I loved the pattern, and knew intuitively what the next row would be. I have already planned another pair of Pomotomus during the SOS, in the same yarn, but the colorway “The Red one” which is more a pink thing. Bright pinks.

I have finished half a sock for the SOS. I had so much stuff to do this weekend, I didn’t get to knit much. Friday was my last day of working at the school, and also the summerparty. I came home at three in the morning, and it wasn’t exactly “safe” for me to knit anything at that point. Saturday I swatched and swatched, and couldn’t get gauge. I finally decided on a pair of RPM‘s, in Socks that Rock. The colorway is called Watermelon Tourmaline, and it’s a very happy socks that is in the making. Will post pichures as soon as the first sock is done.

Lime and Violet yarn in the Carinsbane colorway

I am almost ready for SOS (Summer of socks 2008) which starts on saturday. I got to huge orders in from The Loopy Ewe this week, and I have already rolled some of them into balls. I have yet to photograph my entire sockstash though, as so many of my fellow Sos’ers have. They have shown off their great skeins on Ravelry, and I must say I couldn’t stop looking at all the beautiful pichures.

The photo on the left is one of my sos “victims”. It is a Lime and Violet yarn and the Carinsbane colorway. Pretty huh?

I have had so much to do this week. It’s the last week of school, and tomorrow is my last day as a teacher’s aid. I have worked at this job for two years, and I must admit that quitting is hard. I have worked with the sweetest students of all time, and I can’t stop getting all teary-eyed and sad when I realise that after tomorrow I won’t see them every week like I have the last 700 days of my life. Today they gave me some drawings, a beautiful scarf that I started wearing right away, and this huge sunflower that brightens up my livingroom. I didn’t manage to stay cool anymore, I cried while I tried to say thank you. Tomorrow will be a pretty good day, although I expect to cry a bit more when they all go home. I am such a wimp.

After the student go home it’s time for my last workparty. I actually got a really nice bottle of white wine from the parents of one of my students today, and I am concidering drinking it at the party. My plan is to dance the night away, and celebrate that my next step in life will be to get a degree and hopefully teach children that need more help than others. I start at university this fall, and I couldn’t be more exited!

I found Lime and Violets podcast completely by accident, I searched for kntting podcasts in Itunes and they were one of the results. Right away I became hooked, and luckily there were over 60 episodes to listen to untill I was caught up.

What makes Lime and Violet spescial in my opinion? The fact that they talk about knitting, but that doesn’t stop them from getting off the point and talking about everything BUT knitting. I like this, I want to know about sideshow husbands gigs (I don’t get swordswallowing), about the trips to the winery, the emergency room and the fiber fests, the “Give geese a chance” rally and the stalking of Brenda Dayne. If you are looking for a podcast that always stays on topic, this show isn’t for you.

A favorite segment of the podcast is yarnporn, where the girls talk about yarngoodness they have found on the internet. The episode where Violet finds the Wollmeise website and almost faints is a classic.

The episodes are a bit long, which suits me perfectly, as I have a long commute to work. My only problem is that the girls arn’t able to crank out a new episode each day.

Two big thumbs up from me!

A little update

I am superworkingwoman.

Monday through friday I go to my “regular job”, fulltime, as a teachersaid of some sorts at a school in Oslo. The students all have different difficulties, and need more help than most. I love this job, and hopefully I will get into the University in Oslo to study the subject. This month, I have worked every saturday and sunday too, at my new part time job. (No wonder I am tired, since I haven’t had one single day off this month) The job is fairly new, but I like it.

So, why am I working my ass off? I am almost 26 years old, and I feel I need to have a buffer saved up in the bank. (and not just a yarn buffer) 2008 is the year where I will try to be smarter with my money.

So, tired superworkingwoman will go back to the couch now to knit before heading of to bed. I am still working on my 9 to 5 socks, and my Forest Canopy Shawl, and loving each minute.

Hope you all are having a good weekend, I promise to blog soon about some podcasts I have found.

I got my behind in gear while I was sick and opened my own etsy store. I am planning to add more items, but working two jobs and keeping our appartment in shape takes up most of my time right now.

I need suggestions to name my store though, the one up now is boring and kind of bugs me. I was thinking of a name that tells people I’m norwegian, but I don’t know if “Viking goods” would be fun? Please leave some suggestions in my comments. I will be very grateful.

In other knitting news, I did cast on a pair of 9 to 5 socks, I got a pair of Lorna’s Laces Sheperd sock in the Georgetown colorway, and I am loving the feel of this yarn. I would pick another colorway if I was making a pair for myself, but I think this pair will get a lovely home someplace else. I had to go down a needlesize to get gauge, so I am knitting these socks on 2mm dpns, and it will take a while to say the least. Good thing I am loving the pattern.

Hope you guys had a good weekend!

I am having some severe pain in my right arm and shoulder and need to use it as little as possible. That means no knitting and not much writing. So I am forced on a hiatus, hopefully I’ll be good to go in a week or two.

But, before I go on my forced hiatus, I would like to thank everyone who left comments on my last blogpost, and those who sent me messages on ravelry. It warmed my heart πŸ™‚

Hope to be back soon πŸ™‚