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I almost went mad. I couldn’t knit for a couple of weeks, I would try and just after a few stitches I was in serious pain. I would lie on the couch thinking and breathing knitting, but not be able to actually knit. I started planning new projects in my head, projects I could start when I got better. Because I would get better right?

I found so much great information on Ravelry on this topic. Both Fibro froggers, and Achy Breaky Needlecraft had tons of tips to share. You don’t have to have fibromyalgia or arthritis to join either.

The doctor told me I had tendinitis, gave me anti-inflammatory drugs and told me not to do anything with my arm. Great, I am pretty useless without my right arm. He also got me an appointment with a naprapathic physician. He told me that was someone who combines chiropractics with physical theraphy, and since I have gotten my share of physical theraphy in life (that is another story), I was in.

My appointment was yesterday, and I told the man my problem: after two weeks the only thing that hurt anymore was knitting. I could write on my computer, I can do anything with my arm really, but knitting makes me hurt right away. He looked at me, smiled and said “Well, I have treated many athletes in my life, but never someone who only hurts while knitting”. He talked to me about how knitters alot of times has their shoulders up by their ears, and how that didn’t look that relaxing to him, although he had been told knitting was very calming and relaxing. He then treated my pain, and I was instantly better. He told me to go home and try knitting, and come bak for a check-up in two weeks.

Back home I picked up my knitting, and while I knitted I tried to focus on my shoulders, push them down when I felt them up by my ears. I didn’t knit that much, I was told “not to knit myself to death” either, took some good pauses and tried to just relax and enjoy. Today I am not in pain, and it feels so good!

So, I am back on the needles, a bit wiser and painfree.

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